Oregon Unemployment Benefits Lawyer

$100.00 30min Telephone Consultation Requirements

1: You Must Have Been Denied Unemployment Benefits.

  • If you have not been denied benefits we cannot help you.

2: You Must Have an Unemployment Telephone Hearing Option.

  • You must have a hearing scheduled, or be within the 20 day timeframe to schedule a hearing.

3: You Must Have a Weekly Benefit of at Least $400.00.

  • If your benefit is under $400.00 per week, it might not make financial sense to hire us.

4: You Must Have Been Terminated Or Laid Off For A Good Reason

  • If you were terminated for stealing from your employer, we cannot help you.
  • If you voluntarily left your job because you didn't want to work anymore, or wanted to go back to school, we cannot help you.
  • If you were terminated or laid off for a reason that you feel wasn't fair or not your fault, we likely can help you.

If you qualify as outlined above, checkmark the required boxes and click SUBMIT to schedule a time to speak with our receptionist to schedule your consultation:

What If I Don't Qualify Above And Still Want A Consultation?

  • We are willing to schedule a $200.00 telephone consultation (30min) to discuss solving your problems.

  • Please call our office at 503-406-2329 to schedule the $200.00 consultation which can be paid by credit or debit card.