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Who we are and what we do for our Clients:

Ryan Hamilton is an unemployment benefits attorney with Oregon Unemployment Lawyer.

What we do is simple:

We help people across the entire state of Oregon keep their unemployment benefits and win their telephone hearings when their benefits have been denied.

Notice of Denial of Unemployment Benefits:

You have lost your job and were forced to apply for unemployment benefits. You have received a few weekly checks, are passionately looking for work, and find a letter from the Employment Department in your mailbox.

The letter states something along the lines of:

An investigation by the department has concluded that you were terminated by your work for misconduct, or that you voluntarily left without good cause and your benefits have been terminated. If you wish to contest the decision, you can do so via a telephone hearing.

You sign up for a telephone hearing and receive your date and time for the hearing.

Now what?

How to Keep your Oregon Unemployment Benefits:

The scheduled telephone hearing is your one opportunity to provide a judge with evidence and testimony as to why you should retain your unemployment benefits. If you lose this hearing, the odds of being allowed to introduce new evidence on an appeal are slim to none. You need to do this right the first time, and that's where we come in.

Your best first step is to schedule a telephone consultation and discuss the specific facts of your case.

Client Comments:

"Very excellent! They helped me with everything, and called me whenever new things would pop up in my case! I would recommend them to anyone who needs help!"

"Ryan quickly eased my fears by proving he was sincerely dedicated to helping me win my case, and gave me the amount of time I needed to make sure I felt ready for the hearing."

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